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Uni lock clamping station

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Price: Negotiable
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Address: France
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Updated on: 2022-09-21 07:16
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Completely mounted multi-clamping stations with integrated UNI lock Ø138 mm mounting clamps. The clamping stations are secured to the machine table directly or with clamps. Common bore patterns are pre-centred on the rear side for mounting. Clamping stations can be aligned via the 14H7 reference holes. The clamping stations are actuated via a central pneumatic connection. The high clamping forces are generated by the integrated spring package (the unit clamps in the de-pressurized state). The release process occurs pneumatically. The following retaining forces are possible with the UNI lock clamping bolt in conjunction with mounting screws M10, M12, M16: Retaining force (M10) 35,000N/module Retaining force (M12) 50,000N/module Retaining force (M16) 75,000N/module

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